Toronto Island Airport: Private Jets and Turbo Planes Provide the Ultimate Flying Experience

Flying out of the Toronto Island Billy Bishop Airport spells convenience for so many reasons; its proximity to the city centre and small terminal make it easier to navigate than larger commercial airports. But what if travelling could be even smoother, saving more of your precious time? Flying with a private charter allows for a whole other travel experience. Although the Toronto Island airport doesn’t support jets, lighter aircraft are allowed to pick up and drop off passengers, providing the ultimate in convenience and putting the fun back into flying. 


Flying Stress Free

Juggling our busy work and personal lives can be a challenge, but also extremely rewarding. Travel for business or pleasure can play an important role: popping down to NYC for a business meeting, over to Montreal for a friend’s wedding, or escaping to the ski hills for a romantic retreat. Flying on a private charter can make it all run smoothly, allowing you to call the shots, arranging flights that fit perfectly into your schedule. There are no lineups to check in, no long waits at security and the chance of your luggage being lost is nil.


Get the Personal Attention You Deserve

Private charter companies can arrange more than your travel plans, they can arrange your heart’s desire. If you need a haircut before boarding the plane, your barber can be waiting at the hangar. If you want that delicious tuna sashimi from your favourite sushi restaurant served on the plane, that can be arranged. And upon landing, a car can be waiting to take you wherever you want to go.


Charter Companies Adhere to Every Budget

Although it’s fun to splurge on the extras every once in a while, flying privately can also be cost effective if you simply want to get to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Flying in and out of Billy Bishop airport on one of the lighter, more efficient aircrafts permitted, such as the King Air turbo prop, can be very economical. The cost, when four people are flying, can be similar to commercial business class fares.


What to Look for in a Private Charter

Not all charter companies are created equal. Look for a company with personalized service, adapting to your schedule, budget and individual needs. Safety is paramount: experienced, well-trained pilots and personnel are a must. The company must adhere to the strict safety standards set out by Transport Canada and the FAA . Always book flights with a company that owns its fleet. Many charter companies work similarly to a time share: their aircraft are owned by private individuals or companies that "lease” seats on their jets when they are not in use. However, passengers booking these flights are at the risk of being bumped if the owner suddenly needs to travel.


Better for Business


Along with being the most time-efficient mode of travel, private charters have other plusses for business travelers. Room to spread out and work, electrical outlets to plug in computers, and on-air satellite phones can make time flying more productive.

While the Toronto Island airport doesn’t service private jets, the light, efficient private planes that can be chartered in and out of Billy Bishop can make flying as luxurious and easy as you want it to be.